Look closer

Folded brochure for The Academy of Jewish Thought and Learning to publicise the launch of the Academy and its first courses.


The Academy is billed as a community of thinkers and people who want to understand their Judaism on a deeper intellectual level. Based on this, their promotional material asks for a second look and encourages thought and interaction from the end user to reveal the complete message.


In this case, a message, 'Look closer and see the big picture', is broken up across multiple pages and revealed as the reader browses the booklet. Each word accompanies an illustrated step in a process of zooming in from the solar system down to an individual deep in thought. Eventually the reader discovers that the booklet opens up and unfolds into a poster.


Printing details for those interested:

Printed on a white uncoated stock and folded down from A2 to A5. The sheet has a slit cut in its centre, allowing it to fold into an 8-page booklet. The main fold with the central cut was shifted off centre to allow the underlying layer to stick out, giving the reader a visible, tactile hint that there's more to be seen in the booklet. The die-cut hole on the front cover also primes the reader to look for more layers.