Academy courses 2015

Creative development and illustrations to promote the Academy's newest courses launched in early 2015.

Jewish Philosophy

The Academy launched the first two courses in a series around Jewish philosophy. We worked on an overall design language for the courses that will tie these and future Jewish philosophy courses together visually. While the Tanach in Depth series follows a set methodology – each course an exploration of a given book of the Bible – these courses are more diverse in their content and their structure, so we looked to create a less rigid formula for them, allowing for a more versatile approach to each course's image.

We took cues from the abstraction of ideas in philosophical discourse and looked to abstract metaphors that hint at the themes of each course. This was balanced by rendering the illustrations in tactile paper sculptures.

The Moral Path

single 03.jpg

This course discusses moral and ethical dilemmas in the Bible and possible approaches to them – do we need to resolve and find answers to difficult scenarios, or can we live with the discomfort?

This ambiguity and uncertainty is fittingly expressed by the Möbius strip, whose two sides are actually one, seemingly defying physics.

The Sages

single 02.jpg

This course explores a period of turbulent transition for the Jewish people in the wake of conquest and destruction at the hands of the Babylonian empire. While its content seems on the surface to be more historical in nature, the emphasis is on the principles the Sages espoused in ensuring continuity for the Jewish people and maintaining a chain of tradition that stretches back to Sinai and continues, unbroken, today.

This chain, and the spiritual DNA transmitted from one generation to the next, is best expressed by a literal chain of paper stretching away to infinity.

Israel and Zionism

The Academy is developing a curriculum focusing on issues to do with Israel and Zionism.

Visionaries of Modern Zionism

The first courses of this series explore eight key figures whose writings and philosophies have influenced the development of modern Zionism over 150 years, and its embodiment in the state of Israel today.

The key image for the courses illustrates these eight men, in a style reminiscent of classic Zionist posters from the first half of the 20th century.

single 03.jpg