Strategy workshops

The strategy phase of our process has become so useful to our clients that we've spun it off as a stand-alone offering.

I just wanted to thank you for the session today. It really has given me a lot more direction.

A small investment in thinking and planning sets you up for more effective, less superficial marketing and design, and better returns down the line.

We conduct our research, get together with you for a strategy workshop, and follow that up with a report recommending the best ways to achieve your marketing goals. This report can guide anyone working on these goals, whether they're your in-house marketing person or a distributed team of creative contractors, ensuring they produce smart, effective work.

Your workshop will cover these areas:

  • Exploration: We want to know what you're best at, and why. So we gather as much information as we can, to make sure we really understand what you're about, where you've been, where you're going, and what's keeping you from getting there. We'll cover things like the inner workings of your business, the competitive landscape, and previous and current marketing efforts.

  • Thinking: Based on our research, you'll get a plan that serves as a manual to guide your branding and marketing, ensuring everything you do contributes to your goals.

Thank you for this report, it is tremendously helpful to have it broken down like this.

This offering is particularly useful if you know your marketing isn't quite right, but aren't sure exactly what you'll need to fix it.

Get in touch if you're interested in setting up a workshop.