How we work and what you can expect

We're designers and illustrators at heart, but you'll get the best out of us by making us think.

The work you'll get from us is usually a collection of printed and digital elements that combine to tell a story about your organisation, product or event, in the most appropriate form, to the highest technical standards. And the result of that work is a tangible difference to your bottom line, because good design is good for business.


The most important part of our work, before we dive into sketches and Photoshop, is figuring out your story, by answering three questions:

Who are you speaking to?
What do you want to tell them?
How do you say it?


We want to know what you're best at, and why. So we gather as much information as we can, to make sure we really understand what you're about, where you've been, where you're going, and what's keeping you from getting there.

We research your business and how it works, through conversations with you, your staff and your clients. We map out the competitive landscape, taking note of what your competitors are doing similarly, differently, better and worse than you are. And we look at your previous and current marketing material to get a good idea of how you're presenting yourself to the world.

Our strategy work has become so useful to our clients that we've spun it off as a stand-alone offering. If you know your branding and marketing isn't quite right, but you aren't sure why, a strategy workshop may be the right thing for you.


Based on this research, you'll get a plan that answers the three questions above. This plan serves as a manual to guide our design work, ensuring every layout and every image we produce contributes to your goals, and providing an elevator pitch for your brand positioning.

You'll know the most appropriate ways to express each aspect of the plan in your communication. Some might be better emphasised in your logo and colour palette, for example, while others will come to the fore in the tone of your copy. We'll help you work that out.



The hard work done till now will give us a great idea of what's needed at this stage. We'll produce whatever's needed, in print or digital form, recommending trusted collaborators to help out when needed with copy, photography or development.

We like to work closely with you, checking in regularly with ideas and questions to focus our efforts and keep us on the right track.

Everything we design for you will be accountable to your strategy, helping answer the three important questions above, saying the right things, to the right people, in the right places.